Brian Scott
Personal Image Server

This is my Linux server, running at home. It may not be up 100% of the time, so if you try it and it does not work, try again later.
NOTE: If you use "robots" or "spiders" to try to vacuum my images all at once, you risk being blocked if it interferes with my normal work. Please download one at a time!

Sea World Photos

This server has nearly all of my Sea World photos. (More than 19,000!)
Visual Photo Search
Photo Search
Sea World Pictures by Date
Sea World Videos

Stereo Imaging

I'm starting to take more 3D pictures, also known as a stereo pair.
Some use my new 3D camera, others are created with 2 photos from a standard camera.


See my Youtube videos, including some of my kayak trips.
GPS Data


I record the GPS data when I go kayaking. Download Google Earth Data to see my trips.

Carrara Plugin

I've written a plugin for Carrara to help render an ocean.


Here's my list of cameras I have owned.


I'm building a RepRap, which is a 3D printer. I have a blog that details some of the build process.
My Flying


I have a pilot's license, though I'm currently inactive. See my pictures taken while flying or at an airport.

X-Plane Flight Simulator

I also enjoy playing X-Plane, a sophisticated flight simulator.
Download my rendition of the Moller M400 for X-Plane.


See how much fuel I save driving a Ford Escape Hybrid


Backgrounder is a program for multi-monitor backgrounds.


Some of my favorite Links

This Server:
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